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From Saturday 27 April 2024 -  09:00am
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 Bowls Nelson Centre Year 1 to 8 Singles

Entries Close Friday 8th March 2024

Entry fee $20.00 per team.


Bowls Nelson Inc 03 1709 0002948 000

Full name including initials on entry form.


1-8 year players as of the 2023/24 season who are a current paid up full playing or dual member of an affiliated
NZ bowling club, and that club is within the Centre of entry.
Entry Fee - for Wellington Event only. Paid by Centre
$40 per player, refundable if you can’t get to an event you have entered, unless you default on the day.
Entries are taken in blocks of three. This is because 3 players make up a round robin with 2 playing and 1
marking. If you’ve entered and it ends up impossible to fill up your group of 3, an entry refund will be done.
Event Organiser
Short Form Bowls Limited. The Event Organiser reserves the right to amend these conditions of play at any time.
Event Controller
The host Centre or Club provides an Event Controller to have rinks set up and marked, distribute the scorecards,
take them back after play, and calculate the results using the draw sheet.
Start Time & Trial Ends
These may vary and are sorted out club by club. Trial ends can be taken 15 minutes before the start time, and
with the marker of the first game allowed trial ends at the completion of that game.
Dress Code
3 bowls singles. Games of 2 sets of 6 ends with a 1 end tiebreaker if the score is one set each. Three players are
grouped and they place each other once, playing 2 games and marking 1.
3 games make up a round and the qualifying event comprises 3 rounds. After 3 rounds, the winner, runner up,
and third place getter are found using no of wins, sets, ends and diff. Shots scored in a tiebreaker don’t count
towards diff. In the event a placegetter isn’t found using this method, the 2 players concerned play a 1 end
Super Singles is designed to flow through the day so there’s no long lunch break. Players are encouraged to have
short breaks to keep things moving..
Mat and Jack Placement
Winner of the toss/previous end determines jack length and places the mat wherever he or she wants being more
than 23m from the jack. The jack is always placed on the 2m. Any kills not nominated get re-spotted on the 2m
mark. The second set is started by the person who did not start the first.

Power play and nominated kill
1 powerplay per player per set (any scored shots are doubled).
1 nominated kill per player per set (end replayed if jack killed).
Players can nominate to kill an end in tie break (once each).
If a player nominates a powerplay and the opponent nominates a kill and is successful, the powerplay still stands
on the replayed end.
If a player nominates a powerplay and then decides to nominate a kill and is successful, the powerplay is forfeited
for the replayed end.
Both the powerplay and the nominated kill MUST be communicated to both the opposition player and the marker,
with the powerplay nominated before the first bowl of an end..
If a player fails to nominate a power play it will automatically be applied to the final end of each set, and the
marker should automatically tick the box for that at the start of the end.
If a default occurs, the Event Controller will try to find another bowler of a similar standard (at their discretion),
junior or not, to play the games that would have been defaulted - but on the understanding that player is not
actually part of the competition. If this isn’t possible, players winning by default are awarded the win, plus the
average number of sets and ends won by the winning players in that game round. For averaging sets, the
average must be one or more to be awarded a set win with no rounding up. For diff, they are awarded the
average number of points scored by all players in the game and with their opponents points being recorded as
zero. Diff and ends averages are rounded up from 0.5 and over, and down from less than 0.5.
If an umpire is required to measure and one isn’t available, the marker on an adjacent rink shall be called. For
decisions other than a measure and which can’t be agreed on between the players, the Event Controller shall be
called to make a decision or request that the end be replayed at his or her sole discretion.
The games are to be played in the spirit of good sportsmanship. In the event of a complaint concerning a player,
the Event Controller can disqualify the player concerned and the Event Organiser will refund the entry fee.
Should a game be paused for inclement weather, the Event Controller will ring a bell or advise in some other way.
At that point, the bowls stay where they are until it is ascertained if play is rained off for the day or not. If play is
able to continue, the end carries on as it was. If play is called off, the end is declared dead and will be replayed on
a reserve day nominated by the Event Organiser. In this case, the scorecards should be handed into the Event
Controller for safekeeping.
The winner of the 3 rounds gets entry to the finals weekend in Wellington on July 6/7. Accommodation will be
provided by the Event Organiser for the Friday and Saturday nights. Sunday accommodation can be booked at
the same time by prior arrangement. There’s a social get together on the Friday night at Naenae, and Sunday’s
play finishes earlier to allow for travel. If a player who qualified is unable to make the final, the next ranked player
in their Centre will receive their invite.
Prize Money
$20 of each entry fee stays in the local prize pool for the qualifying event with 70% of that going to the runner up
and 30% to third place, unless specified differently by the Centre. $20 gets paid forward to the National finals.
Other Conditions
Apart from any provisions in these conditions, all other laws of bowls apply as described in Crystal Mark fourth


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